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Google have developed a specific local search using Google Maps as they believe delivering accurate local search results for Products & Services is very important

When a search is made for a product by a location Google displays these Red Flags showing the local businesses that provide the products searched for. Google Local Business Centre recently changed their name to Google Places.

Along with the name change came several additional search results features if you’re marketing your local business, products and services online and looking to generate new business from new clients.

Red Flags Search Results are primarily for local businesses who want to Be Found!

When a person searches your product by your location often when the results come up, you’ll have several results with representative Red Flags on the map of the location

When you hover over a Red Flag, a box will pop up and in that box is a ‘More Info’ link.

That link takes you to the website for the local business or location.

You want this Red Flag to be YOU in the first 3 results listed - the first 3 get the most clicks.

With Google Red Flags we will get you in the first 3 Guaranteed!

So whichever platform your customer uses to find you and your products in your location, they’ll be able to find you

Add Your Service Areas: If you are physically located in one city but service several surrounding towns in Google Red Flag Place listings, we can list the names of the areas you service Red Flags: Results that Works and LASTS!

We specialise in Page 1 search engine optimisation which delivers the highest return on investment to our clients.

98% of Clients – #1 Page on Google ! Google has given the power back to local business searches. Google Red Flag Places. Up until October 2010, this was known as Google Map listings, which was 7 Red Flags displayed of business details and a map displayed.

With the new Red Flags local businesses are given royal treatment and can be placed on the top of page one of Google for their ‘local’ product and services searches

Google Red Flag Places for Local Business Searches

Now smaller businesses who cannot afford expensive SEO, or even more so, do not require high end Search Engine Optimisation, can get to the top of Google for a variety of services

An example of a local keyword might be: Laser Cutting Minto

Getting your product / company ranking well takes more than just claiming your listing on Google Places.

 This new feature of Google is actually an art in itself, and Google Red Flags have the Google Places expertise  that will get your business and products  to the top of page one of Google for your specific search terms.

Use Our Google Red Flags Places Service to:

We here at Google Red Flags have to protect our Intellectual Property, although what we can tell you just a few of the techniques we use to make this happen for your business.

We will:


Only once we have done the work for you and you appear on Page 1 There is a one off fee of just $280 for us to completely create or maximise results from your existing Google Places listing and to carry out our techniques to get you ranking – typically takes around 2 weeks

To continue this amazing service on a month by month basis, it is only an ongoing monthly fee of just $82.00

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There is NO upfront fee:  We are world leaders in all aspects of the Internet having worked with web site design and software programing for over 20 years.

We have built many 1000’s of websites - generating 10’s of 1000’s of click per year

If you want new business from the net simply contact us and we will get the ball rolling – we will do all the work up front and get you on Page 1 typically within 2 weeks

Only then will we bill you for our low design fee of $280.00 plus GST

We have NO LONG TERM CONTRACT just month to month as we ALWAYS promise a lot but deliver more and have never ( as at 11 / 8 / 2011) had a single client reject our services

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Google Red Flags

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